Thursday, December 31, 2009

ROBBER TALK (Midnight Robber Speech)


Away down from the hightless region of the phantom graveyard came I,

The most impregnable, unconquerable and most adorable Prince of Crime.

Where I live the sun never shine,

The rain never fall,

Grass never grow,

And even the wind refuse to blow.

For I'll bite a piece of the moon and shorten the season.

My tongue is Death and my voice is Thunder

Now the voice of Thunder has now been founded onto me

Sounds like SWEET music in my ear

Murder on my mind

And even the spirit of the great mystical power of the earth I've already crossed and slain

With any Mocking Pretender like you that come my way!


  1. Awesome bro gonna take this poem I dunno how to do the actions but I'll see soon real carnival characters are coming to hillview